Hello! My name is Sahar Pazirandeh... to keep it short, I am a people & WOMEN empowerment junkie. Actualizing my dreams in New York City, often in Colorado and Florida - consulting other entrepreneurs, artists and organization to do the same.

Fashionlanthropist mentoring and creating with teens through credit-earning fashion programs I developed. Who says learning isn't chic?

And when I'm not engulfed in all of this I help fundraise (grant writer & events) for non-profits, including public schools.

Thank you for stopping by, hope to meet you soon. ~Sahar

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October 11, 2011

Fem Bodiment A Success!


For years I have thought of an event like Fem Bodiment - a soiree of our collective work and aspirations. The evening was decorated with music by Radio Rose and opera performance by Pavlina HoraKova, belly and salsa dance performances, and of course a display of our inspirations... our shoes! A little something for everyone to have a memorable time. The best part for me was the launch of Free Your Star Foundation, to be able to award our first scholarship winner will be a moment I will never forget. 


This chic evening was dedicated to raising money for another scholarship for spring 2012 is with great pleasure that I share we met 75% of our goal and will be able to offer a $1200 scholarship! Every year Fem Bodiment will be celebrated, so no worries if you missed it this time. Enjoy more pictures below. 

Freedom Star's rooftop display.  

Malayka Diop, Belly Dancer

Our shoes!

Rachael's polaroids.

Amy's eyelash bar!

Photography:  Zoe Longeran &  Imani Vidal 

September 29, 2011

It's on tomorrow!!

My Foundation will be officially launched tomorrow night, a rooftop celebration honoring Free Your Stars' first scholarship recipient, Shean England from LIM College!

Please join us for a night of live entertainment (music & dance), a complimentary eyelash bar for first 60 ladies, and cheap drinks! Hope to see you there!

September 15, 2011


This world constantly breaks my heart.

From daily wrong doing towards women on the street, 
or an elderly person on the subway, to international issues that 
float around in my consciousness. 

To counter balance the ugly, I start everyday with 
something I feel beautiful in. 
It's not a matter of being materialistic  - 
after all, we all have to get dressed - so why not enjoy it?

This daily creative task is fuel for my soul, allowing me
 to be more productive as a person, 
and at the end of the day more beneficial to my community 
through my foundation and the teens I mentor - - 
check  Free Your Star Foundation for the full scoop. 

Celebrate your daily armor, even if you are not a fashionista.

Top & Skirt: LES boutique tour (email me for details)
Jewelry: Freedom Star Accessories
Photography: Gina Valenti

September 5, 2011

Freedom Star presents
Fem Bodiment Event

By nature I am a women who likes to empower other women. 

Society, really the world as a whole, with its spoken and unspoken rules challenge women daily - 
at work, in motherhood, and even within our own community of women. 

To help each other gain momentum in our
creative and professional endeavors
 Freedom Star presents

An evening celebrating the launch of Free Your Star Foundation.  
The Foundation will be celebrating its first scholarship recipient
and raising money for additional scholarship for spring 2012.

Join successful entrepreneurial women across all industries on
Friday, September 30th, 2011. From 6 pm to 11 pm enjoy specialty cocktails,
live dance performances and the beautiful Manhattan skyline from the rooftop of Czech Consulate. 

For more information visit


Friday, September 30, 2011
321 East 73rd Street
6 p.m. to 10 p.m.  

August 13, 2011


I teach to learn. 

My biggest
with fashion has 
always been meaning...
it's embedded into 
who I am,
giving back, 
supporting my community - 
from urban youth to 
up n' comers, it brings me much joy to 
expose, empower and create with others. 

Gina Valenti, California native and the creative eye (photographer) behind this shoot is in her senior year at Brook's College. Gina decided on New York for her first real-world steps, just 6 days fresh to Brooklyn we had the opportunity to create together. My daily armor mixed with her love for fashion photography.  

Supporting creative  minds like Gina and young minds I work with through Freedom Star Mentorship gives meaning to all my work. And so, I freely style fun floral kicks by Irregular Choice  with satin cocktail dresses in the middle of the day for creation-sake. What can I say, life is good. 

Freedom Star Accessories translucent drop earrings paired with square bangles from a artesian in Old San Juan Puerto Rico. To bring a lil' fantasy to this outfit my Alice in Wonderland inspired ring from Flavour boutique in Brooklyn. 

August 1, 2011


"Do you" or "I'm doin' me"

is a very New York (perhaps East coast) saying. When talking to friends in the South, Midwest or even West coast the same message is still there, just translated into a longer description. 

Taking time to be selfish, nurturing who you are outside of your career, relationship and even family is (in my opinion) a must. This outift is a total "Doin' me" situation. It was a late night in 2008 creating new looks from old n' new pieces when I styled this look,  except for the amazing Boutique 9 shoes that introduced themselves to me this summer.  

Not sure what took me so long to bust it out (well, the mid-drift thing was not so popular before recently, and I had no island vacations planned as an excuse to show my bare waist) but I'm glad this summer it has made its debut. 

Grey vest from H&M (fall 2008) served as the perfect mid drift top to show off above my belly button -  hiked up pink pleated skirt I found in Good Will Downtown Denver back in 2005. 

Made sure my skirst stayed in place thanks to a silver twisted-chain belt from a boutique tour in L.E.S. and, of course, no outfit of mine is complete without a touch of Freedom...

... Freedom Star Accessories leaf drop earrings to add a little whimsy, 
 paired with a fox ring from Xing accessories in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. 

Hope you find time this week to "Do You."  

Who knows what you will discover, 
or dust off the shelf. 

Until next time dear friends... 

xoxo ~ Freedom Star Sahar

Photography Credit: Gina Valenti

July 24, 2011


My goodness it is H-O-T, I'm not sure those three simple letters justify the hot spell New Yorkers are trying to survive.

When getting dressed this week my fashion goals were pretty simple, what's the lightest most breathable dress I own, that I can still conduct meetings in, and, last but not least, doesn't show any sweat marks! (ewww, I know, but a reality for any MTA commuter). I opted for this poly/cotton dress by Tramp, maybe not the most breathable fabric, but great cut-out in the back and a loose yet flattering silhouette didn't hold onto the heat like some long-lost-lover.

As much as I love this butterfly fabric, I didn't wake up feeling ultra girlie - easy fix to that & my favorite trend popping up everywhere - spikes n' studs... combined two black leather studded belts for a more dramatic look around my waist, paired with fun purple studded heels from True Love boutique in Denver.

Finished the look with purple feather earrings by Freedom Star and a vintage white-sequin purse (square sequince have a stud feel, help tie it all's the small things, giggle) from ReDress in Cobble Hill.

And that is this week's outfit! Let me
know what you think....

Now off to find a non-toxic beach!

Photography: Rachael

July 18, 2011


Once a dancer, always a dancer. 

Dance is mi primer amor. My first love. 

As soon as I saw this skirt (Twelve by Forever21) it took me back to my days dancing at Colorado Ballet. I've since traded my toe-shoes for something a little sexsier... salsa, tango and the occasional cha-cha. There is just something about sliding on a pair of heels that makes life from sidewalk to dance floor feel a little more sultry.  These 4 inch ROCK & REPUBLIC steel heels are a perfect example,
 Mm mmm mm. 

Added a touch of bold fun with Freedom Star Accessories double sequince  multi-chain necklace paired with a double finger ring from a boutique tour in Fort Greene. Topped it off with an American Apparel leotard (which can quickly double as a sunning suit if you happen to find yourself close to a beach or Central Park). 

That's this weeks Freedom Star Style! 
Until next time....

June 21, 2011


Lifes' circumstances have me feeling tough around the edges - I need my fashion armor more than ever to pick up my spirits and protect my passions.   What better way to do that than with my gold studded ROCK & REPUBLIC heels. 
 I just feel fierce slipping them on! 
 No matter the mood, as many professionals know, you still have a face to put on and business to conduct.  To keep it professional and carry all my meeting necessities (journal, proposals, even my iPAD fit in here!) I opted for my black leatherBuffalo Exchange box purse.

To help keep a smile on my face I went straight for my Fashion Denver find -- a ring from The Hot Pink Mustache (always a great impromptu photo prop)!

Now that work is all done, it's time to play, kept it cool (literally and figuratively) with harem  pants from Forever 21 and sequince and mesh tube top from Arden B.  Off to meet the girls for a little creation celebration!

Photography credit: Rachael Inman

June 14, 2011


One of the things about living in New York (for most of us) is that you-are-one with the elements. What do I mean? There is no car, garage, or covered walkway to spare you from the wind, rain or snow. So, what does that mean for someone like me who gets dressed from bottom - up? Cover those toes...and that, was the inspiration for this week's outfit.

It is still spring however (and I would like to show off the tan I'm rockin' from
last weekend), so I kept the colors light in this Alice Moon dress found on a rack in Park Slope. Added a spot of cute with Calvin Klein polka-dot pantyhose, paired with one of my favorite brands Miz Mooz (oh so comfy heels, made for City girls).

No outfit, or day for that matter, is complete without a dose of Freedom - Omid (hope) leaf drop earrings, this pair in a shade of olive, also available in purple. Finished off the look with a tuxedo jacket ($3 find in Jackson Heights! Sorry BAM boutique is closed now) embellished with large silk flower from H&M, and an absolute favorite accessory of mine...

...a wood and leather purse that hangs from a beautiful twisted rope. Roaming an antique store
in Manitou Springs, Colorado with my Mom is where I
found this beauty...favorite part, it has plenty of room inside for phone, lipstick, notepad, keys and fold up slippers. I don't remember the name of the place, but there are only two in town!

Photographer: Rachael