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Fashionlanthropist mentoring and creating with teens through credit-earning fashion programs I developed. Who says learning isn't chic?

And when I'm not engulfed in all of this I help fundraise (grant writer & events) for non-profits, including public schools.

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August 1, 2011


"Do you" or "I'm doin' me"

is a very New York (perhaps East coast) saying. When talking to friends in the South, Midwest or even West coast the same message is still there, just translated into a longer description. 

Taking time to be selfish, nurturing who you are outside of your career, relationship and even family is (in my opinion) a must. This outift is a total "Doin' me" situation. It was a late night in 2008 creating new looks from old n' new pieces when I styled this look,  except for the amazing Boutique 9 shoes that introduced themselves to me this summer.  

Not sure what took me so long to bust it out (well, the mid-drift thing was not so popular before recently, and I had no island vacations planned as an excuse to show my bare waist) but I'm glad this summer it has made its debut. 

Grey vest from H&M (fall 2008) served as the perfect mid drift top to show off above my belly button -  hiked up pink pleated skirt I found in Good Will Downtown Denver back in 2005. 

Made sure my skirst stayed in place thanks to a silver twisted-chain belt from a boutique tour in L.E.S. and, of course, no outfit of mine is complete without a touch of Freedom...

... Freedom Star Accessories leaf drop earrings to add a little whimsy, 
 paired with a fox ring from Xing accessories in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. 

Hope you find time this week to "Do You."  

Who knows what you will discover, 
or dust off the shelf. 

Until next time dear friends... 

xoxo ~ Freedom Star Sahar

Photography Credit: Gina Valenti

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