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October 10, 2009

Quiet Force

It's been over a month since I've written. I've thought about it plenty, but those thoughts quickly get replaced with others, the continuous checklist that replays in my mind. Don't get me wrong, no negativity here, just the first time I've sat down in a couple of weeks and digested my work.

It's true what they all say, actors, new start-ups - famed or not, it all just started happening, It went by so fast. And that ladies and gents is exactly what I am in the midst of. I'm here sharing it with you because of a promise, one I made to myself to reflect on the work at hand -learn from it as soon as possible, stand on a new plateau because of it, and gain momentum for the next wave of my dream.

Back in January I picked up the Town and Country on the lobby table of a dance studio - in it was a horoscope article about what 2009 had in store for me, a Libra. The article was quite positive, maybe just what I needed at the time, either way I distinctly remember it stating my career dreams would take off in September and October - and sure enough projects bigger than I ever imagined are unfolding.

A company I work closely with, NY Partner Dance, has asked me to be Project /PR/Marketing manager for their Inaugural Unity Ball. A charity event raising proceeds for two wonderful funds ~ UN 1% for Development Fund and Czech Cultural Center BBLA. Best of all the theme of the night is my first love - dance - multicultural unity through social dancing. It has been a pleasure to work on something from the ground up. To start with a brainstorming session and end with a proposal to the United Nations, a world class venue and contacting celebrity dancers (hopefully Edyta Sliwinska) to attend.

I have been able to conquer such a task thanks to my two new interns. Tenae, I met her through a high school program called The Bigger Picture. Students get to intern two days a week for school credit - I think it's an amazing program, one I wish I had the opportunity to experience at her age. She has been helping me design my next line heading to Fashion Denver to be showcased for the month of November! So exciting, lots of new funky bold looks to one's that will suit the bohemian medieval princess from neck to waist! She is also going to be blogging soon, so keep an eye out.

I also met Chelsea, an LIM College student who is reaching for her dream OF becoming an event planner. Her position means a lot of leg work and thinking about deocrations for the Unity Ball. I can't wait for her and I to be standing side by side that night - for a brief 15 seconds of course - to take in all the hard work.

Can't wait to report back and let you know how it all went. Be well.

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