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December 8, 2009

An Interns Voice...

I chose to share this poem because it speaks loud for people that aren't willing or afraid to speak for themselves. I felt I had to write this poem because I'm always the voice that's listened to in school. So I figured if I wrote this poem I spread awareness to people that make fun of others, because they don't have the latest fashions or because they are gay, whatever the case may be this poem is for you.

Just because I'm not shaped like a classic coca-cola bottle
and my hair isn't long and str8, but instead its hard and nappy,
which makes me BLACK doesn't mean that I'm not gonna be successful.

And just because you nor society accepts me doesn't mean I have to be criticized. Especially not by you, I thought you loved me but instead I feel hatred at times.

And guess what, she's tired, I'm tired, tired of being put down
because she has been chosen by men and women, and just because she is that way, doesn't mean that when she does meet God he is going to reject her.

But instead all these fake ass b*tches and p*ssy ass n*gge*s judge she because I have class. She's tired, I'm tired, tired of covering the pain with a smile which I wouldn't have to do if people would just fuck off and let me do what imma do.

Just because the sun rotates around the earth doesn't mean that I nor she has to wake up in the morning ready to be faced by the world, and she is tired, I'm tired of hearing the same old bullshit, but if you were living in my world where the sun shines bright on those who standout because their loved ones and society take away their hearts beats and make up reasons for them to feel like they don't belong.

Doesn't mean that their suicide thoughts are wrong.
So no more get in were you fit in because here everyones in.


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