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June 10, 2011

A year ago today...

A year ago today Freedom Star Mentorship along with 7 bright minds (14-17 years old), hosted Freedom through Fashion, a benefit concert and fashion show.

For nearly four months, this group of 7 students had to maintain the responsibilities of their specific positions, whether Stylist, Talent Coordinator, Producer, Social Media Manager or Event Planner, each student had areas they were responsible for.

More than half of our group represented the first graduating class of Frances Perkins Academy, with that in mind, Angela, Celeta, Kyle, Javier, Jelani, Christian and Shakeiy'a decided the proceeds of the show would go back to their school! I'm delighted to announce we met our goal and C.A.D. software was obtained for the student body of FPA.

Freedom through Fashion brought together emerging designers and artists including Under Ground System Afro Beat, People In Gear, a special dance session opening with none-other than Benny Ninja from America's Next Top Model!

It is a joy to look back at how much we conquered last year - Freedom Star Mentorship has only begun empowering - I am excited to see what we triumph over in the next decade!

Love - Sahar

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