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Fashionlanthropist mentoring and creating with teens through credit-earning fashion programs I developed. Who says learning isn't chic?

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August 21, 2009

Freedom Star meets JarLuxe

The day I wrote my outline for Freedom Star Mentorship is the same day I first heard of Anistia Phiaria. She is CEO of Phiaria International Design Group Inc. and Fashionlanthropist and Creative Director for JarLuxe Foundation.

When I was getting my undergrad Freedom Star was a line of hand made scarves. I knew I wanted it to be more. Benefits of going back to college when you are a bit older include making the most of all your resources. For me this meant becoming Editor-in-Chief of my schools paper - Fashionista. I used this as a platform to poke my head around the fashion industry, as well as, an opportunity to get to know LIM's faculty - all fashion industry professionals.

I learned a lot, and realized mostly that if I had been introduced to the vast career possibilities in fashion sooner in life I would not have jumped from a Chemistry major to a Fashion Marketing major. But, no love lost. Out of this I knew I wanted Freedom Star to serve as that particular channel of communication. Now, you can imagine how elated I was when I first heard about JarLuxe. The philosophy behind this foundation is exactly that. To raise Fashion's next top executives.

A few days ago I had the opportunity to meet Anistia, where my excitement almost ran over my manners. Almost as fast as I told her my name I was offering my help on behalf of myself and as Freedom Star to help and support. I am proud to share that I am now an Ambassador for JarLuxe. First up, scholarship fundraiser September 16th.

The first two scholarship recipients were just chosen, and currently attending LIM College. Congratulations girls!

I feel honored and excited to meet other young woman entrepreneurs taking the lead and most important using their skills to better our future. Thank you JarLuxe and Anistia.

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