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Fashionlanthropist mentoring and creating with teens through credit-earning fashion programs I developed. Who says learning isn't chic?

And when I'm not engulfed in all of this I help fundraise (grant writer & events) for non-profits, including public schools.

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May 30, 2011


Love holiday weekends, a time to slow down, catch up with friends,
and always a great excuse to dress to the 9's.
The warm weather inspired my skirt to get shorter-and-shorter as my heels got taller-and-taller. These 5 inch ROCK & REPUBLIC platforms are much more comfortable than they appear...even on the cobble stone streets of the French Quarter a.k.a. 4-wheeling for high heels - that's when they were really put to the test, and I'm happy to share no blisters or broken ankles.

Found this Victoria Bekham influenced dress roaming through the Fashion District - I think on 7th Ave and 37th Street - - but the little shop is no longer there. :(

Now that the basics were taken care of it was time to add a little funk.

Kept it dressy and distinctive with a touch of Freedom Star : dark silver, studded bow-tie necklace *.

I knew I wanted to play up the tuxedo theme from my pantyhose (Calvin Klein) that's when I remembered a little treasure I found for $10 at the Young Designer's Market in SOHO - - well hello TOP HAT.
Oh, my heart is smiling so big. :) Couldn't resist adding my newest bejeweled friend Octopus from True Love boutique in Denver.
And, voila my little black dress is holiday-weekend-appropriate!

* Bow Tie necklace special order only, will not be sold on my website.
Please order via e-mail

Photographer: Rachael Inman

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