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Fashionlanthropist mentoring and creating with teens through credit-earning fashion programs I developed. Who says learning isn't chic?

And when I'm not engulfed in all of this I help fundraise (grant writer & events) for non-profits, including public schools.

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May 30, 2011

Radiance NY stops by to talk make up!

Amy Klewitz, friend and long-time supporter of Freedom Star and most importantly the founder of Radiance NY: hair, makeup and dance, stopped by our photo shoot to make sure I had the right look for this outfit. Here is her make up tip for those looking to mix a little warm & cool.

In this look Sahar wears a gorgeous wood linked necklace accompanied by brown and grey tones. This look is great as it combines both warm and cool colors, which gives you more to choose from as of makeup. Despite being dressed for the cool spring weather, this summer you are likely to mix these two colors. Sahar wears a nice warm lip with hints of peach to compliment this look - great for a natural summer glow, I recommend NARS “Warm Rose Brown” matte lip stick with “Wonder” lip gloss to add more peach tones to the mix.

Another place to play up this look is in the cheeks. By running a light eye and neutral lip we can play up the cheeks with warmer colors to bring out those cheekbones. I recommend “Honey Bronzing Powder” by the Body Shop.

Photographer: Rachael Inman

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